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Posted On : 03 Dec 2019
What are the criteria for diagnosis of UTI in OPD in routine urine microscopic examination?
Expert Answer :
The most useful criteria are the presence of bacteria {More than 100000, ml} with pus cells More than 5 per HPF.
Answer Discussion :
ahmed Ragab
leukocte estrase postive nitrite postive
wbc ) 5

10 months ago
smriti gautam
pus cells plenty
bacteria 10^5 colonies/mm

10 months ago
Leanny Chakawata
nitrites leucocyte esterase and more than 10^5 cfu/ml of bacteria in a mid stream catch
10 months ago
frank emmanuel
Fever (=38°C) or chills.

New or increased burning pain on urination, frequency, or urgency.

New flank pain or suprapubic pain or tenderness

10 months ago
ali almaghrby
pus, cells.. nitrit....bacteria
10 months ago

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