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Posted On : 07 Nov 2019
Haemangioma on the head of a newborn. are any further investigation required
Expert Answer :
Hemangiomas usually involute {shrink away} in time. 30 percent of hemangiomas will resolve by 3 years of age 50 percent by 5 years of age, and 80 percent-90 percent by 9 years of age. Hemangiomas in certain areas may have a higher risk of complications. These areas include the face {especially nose and lips}. In that case treatment may be required.
Answer Discussion :
abhishek kumar
yes CECT head to see calcification
2 years ago
Yes,need ct scan of brain
2 years ago
suliman hussein
Cranial CT Scan
2 years ago
Abdulkadir Ahmed
Complete blood count
2 years ago

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