Floppy Child

Dr. Ira Shah
Consultant Pediatrician, B.J.Wadia Hospital for Children, Mumbai, India
First Created: 05/01/2001  Last Updated: 08/01/2015

Patient Education

My child appears very floppy. Is it something to be worried?

Most of the babies are floppy at the time of birth. However, with growth, the tone in their muscles, improve and they are then able to sit walk and stand on their own without support.

Excessive floppiness leading to frequent falls and delays in achieving milestones such as sitting, standing, or walking and needs to be further evaluated.

What are the causes of a floppy infant?

The floppiness could be due to a variety of reasons. The common causes are:

  • Nervous system contained within the cranium, comprising the prosencephalon, mesencephalon, and rhombencephalon. It is derived from the anterior part of the embryonic neural tube. Brain damage due to trauma at birth Infections such as meningitis (brain fever) Bleeding within the brain (intracranial hemorrhage) Glucose, electrolyte and enzyme abnormalities Drug poisoning Cerebral palsy Brain defects (malformations) Genetic or chromosomal disorders Infections from birth Syndromes Spinal cord trauma Muscle problems such as myopathy, muscular dystrophy
  • Nervous system such as neuropathy and spinal muscular atrophy.

How is the diagnosis of floppy child made?

The Pediatrician will examine the child and if he finds the baby to be too floppy, will advise certain investigations to find the cause. Basic tests such as CT SCAN of the brain, nerve conduction studies, and myography may be advised. Depending on these tests, other investigations such as blood tests, urine tests, and biopsy may be required.

What is the treatment of a floppy child?

The treatment depends on the underlying disorder. However, such children require close monitoring for their underlying hypotonia and physiotherapy may be recommended.

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