Feedback for Sheffield Children’s Hospital Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC): Are We Getting It Right?

Louise Messham*, Lesley Peers**, Lilias Alison***
Sheffield Medical School*, Sheffield Children’s Hospital**, Sheffield Children’s Hospital***
The SARC at Sheffield Children’s Hospital is a relatively new service for children who have been victims of sexual assault or rape. Feedback is essential to improve the services the SARC offers to victims and their families at such a traumatic time.
To analyse data obtained by feedback surveys from SARC users in order to assess user satisfaction and suggest improvements to the existing service.
A universal feedback questionnaire form was given to SARC users which included the patient, parents, police and social workers. Users were asked to enter responses to six key questions about their experience at the SARC by means of a scale of “smiley faces”. There were a further two questions with space for free text comments about things that were done well and things that could have been done better. Completed questionnaires were collected over a period of 13 months and the data analysed.
Results and Discussion
Analysis of the data demonstrated that the majority of feedback from users was positive. There were four responses that could be interpreted as neutral, however no negative comments were recorded in the free text boxes elaborating on why this was the chosen response.

There were numerous positive comments in the free text boxes about what the service did well and only six negative comments, one of which related to the examination, one relating to the use of questionnaires and the remaining four relating to the hospital facilities including parking and air conditioning.
Child sexual abuse victims use the service at a difficult time after having been through a traumatic experience; one would expect at least some negative feedback in light of the given circumstances. However, the analysis of the collected feedback demonstrated that the majority of feedback from SARC users is positive or very positive.
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