Diagnostic Dilemma

Infectious Disease

A 7yr old male child presented with 4 days history of high grade fever along with faint erythematous macular rash on chest and hands and numerous petechiae on soft palate noted on day 2 of fever. He was on Paracetamol and Voltaren suppositories. He became afebrile 2 days later and was asymptomatic. 1 week later parents noticed the child developing peeling of skin from the tips of the fingers and whooping cough. CBC shown Absolute neutrophilia with activated lymphocytes and normal platelet count. WBC is 22400 and CRP is 18.9. Initially treated as _?EBV infection and later when counts were noted to be high{child is afebrile} child was put on Azithromycin, but after first dose he developed urticarial rash all over body which got better with chlorpheneramine maleate.
Child had no history of allergies and has taken Azithromycin earlier in his life.

Need input on this case
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Jamal Sh.omar
Scarlet fever
12 years ago
elfatih hashim
adenoviral infecton
12 years ago

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