Diagnostic Dilemma


Recently I came across 2 babies: one 2 yrs old and other 3yrs old with sever pallor. Both parents gave history of pica, history of prolong breast feeding with inadequate and improper weaning food. Parents of both children complained of very inadequate oral intake. On exam and on investigations, both the children were suffering from severe nutritional iron deficiency anemia. Table 1 gives their biochemical profile.
Serum Folic acid and Vitamin B12 were normal. As we know in case of iron def anemia early changes that we get are depletion of iron stores i.e serum ferritin is reduced. Next is reduced s.iron and then increased TIBC. Microcytic hypochromic changes occur after these changes. In above mentioned patients peripheral smear was showing microcytic hypochromic changes in RBCS but still s.ferritin, s.iron, TIBC were normal.

How can we explain this_?
Answer Discussion :
RBC count_?
mostly thalassemia trait_?
lead poisoning _?

10 years ago
Kishore Vrajananda
Beta thalassemia
10 years ago

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