Diagnostic Dilemma

Is it TB_?

A 12 years old child presented with cough for 8 days with breathlessness. She was treated with Azithromycin and Salbutamol to which she responded. Her Chest X-Ray showed right sided calcified perihilar lesions and Mantoux test was positive {20 mm}. She was admitted for bilateral bronchopneumonia 2 months back and at that time Chest X-Ray showed bilateral fluffy shadows in lower zone with negative Mantoux test. At that time, she was treated with Amoxicillin-Clavulanic acid and Clarithromycin to which she responded.

Should this child be given antituberculous therapy_?
Expert Opinion :
This child had pneumonia 2 months back and that time Mantoux test was negative. Currently, the child has a positive mantoux suggestion of recent conversion.

How would you interpret this current conversion of MT_?
Answer Discussion :
gastric lavage acid fast stain
7 years ago
othman helmy
yes this child has primary ghons focus with secondary activation
7 years ago

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