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Posted On : 03 Dec 2020
In the rationale use of antibiotics where is the place of Clindamycin in the treatment of pneumonia?
Expert Answer :
There is no role of Clindamycin in the treatment of Pneumonia. It can be used only in patients having Bacterial Pharyngotonsillitis who is allergic to the Penicillin group of drugs.
Answer Discussion :
Ravi Goyal
no role in pnumonia but definite role in septic shock when toxin producing MRSA is culprit ( along with ceftriaxone + vanco )
9 months ago
Reepa Agrawal
PVL- SA and Group A beta streptococcus toxin mediated pneumonia.
9 months ago
Tara Beck Beck
Penicillin allergic-anaphylactic reaction
9 months ago
Emrys Kallanger
no it is not rationale
9 months ago

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