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Posted On : 05 Nov 2020
How can we clinically and by minimum investigation differentiate between neonatal hepatitis and biliary obstruction (biliary atresia, etc). I mean we could come to know any baby having conjugated hyperbilirubinemia total bilirubin-13.5 conjugated-7.77 unconjugated-5.73 need cholangiography or not?
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Check the color of the stool. If clay-colored biliary atresia should be ruled out immediately. The fastest way to diagnose would be a liver biopsy.
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Zakiya Alsinani Alsinani
GGT/abdomen us
1 year ago
Aishwarya Padubidri
usg abd
1 year ago
Ravi Goyal
USG Abdomen, LFT, Faliure to thrive, color of stool
1 year ago
Raluca Rara
1 year ago

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