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Posted On : 27 Oct 2020
Can meningitis present without meningeal signs? If yes, how?
Expert Answer :
Meningitis in infants can frequently present without meningeal signs. Older the child, the more likely that at least one meningeal sign and neck stiffness will be seen. Other signs that point to meningitis: obtundation, altered cry, bulging fontanelle, reduced feeding, fever, seizures. There is a good review on clinical features in meningitis:

Pediatrics. 2010 Nov`126{5}:952-60. Epub 2010 Oct 25.

Clinical features suggestive of meningitis in children: a systematic review of prospective data.
Curtis S, Stobart K, Vandermeer B, Simel DL, Klassen T.
Answer Discussion :
Mohammed Yousuf
yes . in subclinical cases
3 years ago
Ravi Goyal
indolent course
3 years ago
Lamiaa Elrashidy
Yes, in subclinical and chronic meningitis
3 years ago
Yonatan Worede
3 years ago

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