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Posted On : 24 Sep 2020
In endemic areas can just palpable spleen be a normal finding. Does it require any treatment if mp is negative in blood smear?
Expert Answer :
An enlarged spleen is not normal. Also, other causes of splenomegaly should be ruled out and one should not assume that it is only malaria.
Answer Discussion :
Disha Dixon
splenomegaly in enedemic areas in other wise asymptomatic person could be bodys way of reacting to the presence of antigens in the blood which may not require therapy...but neverthelness clical manifestations should point out to whether the patients condition is deterioraing and administer treatment
3 years ago
abronoma nyarko
No treatment required
Sickling test and G6PD screening must be performed.
Treat if symptomic

3 years ago
Ravi Goyal
no treatment unless symptomatic or gametocytes are seen. G- 6 PD screening is must
3 years ago

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