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Posted On : 03 Sep 2020
What is the role of Phenytoin as antiarrhythmic drug esp in neonates in cases with bradyarrhythmia and heart block?
Expert Answer :
There is no role for this drug in bradyarrhtyhmia or heart block! It will not improve the rate.
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Dr prakash nagar
Phenytoin is useful in VT by its action on sodium channel and not in bradyarrythmia. Bradyarrythmia or blocks in neonates are usually secondary to maternal illness like SLE and if not subsided of its own or corrected during fetal period, then need permanent pacemaker.
12 Days ago
Aziz Anwar
13 Days ago
joanne dragon
none. since phenytoin increases the chances for bradycardia.
13 Days ago
pooja chaubey
15 Days ago
Ravi Goyal
none .
18 Days ago

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