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Posted On : 12 Aug 2020
The flu vaccines which are introduced in India are safe for children with a history of febrile seizures? What is their efficacy and what are their side effects?
Expert Answer :
Flu vaccines available are in two forms - Inactivated Parenteral vaccines and Live attenuated nasal spray vaccines. For children less than 2 years Inactivated parenteral vaccines are recommended. This vaccine is a fairly safe vaccine. if the child is having H, O febrile seizure you may give oral Clobazam and Paracetamol for two days after vaccination and keep a close watch. Common side effects of vaccines are redness, pain, local swelling at the site of injection, and fever. There are reports of an increased number of GBS in the vaccinated cohort as compared to non vaccinated cohort.
Answer Discussion :
Reena Rathi
Yes its safe
3 years ago
Uday Bodhankar
3 years ago
Cherono Siele
in a child with recurrent hx of Acute tonsillitis ,influenza infection .efficacy 60%
3 years ago

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