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Posted On : 23 Aug 2020
Umbilical venous cath put but x-ray shows it arterial how can this happen?
Expert Answer :
This is an uncommon occurrence in neonatal units but it does occur occasionally. It is possible due to a wrong assessment of the umbilical vessel wall thickness and the lumen during insertion of the catheter. An arterial lumen if relatively wide can be mistaken for a vein and maybe catheterized. But the detection of an arterial catheter is obvious by the speed of the backflow of blood through the arterial catheter as well as the bright red color of the blood sample as compared to a venous sample. Further, the blood gas analysis would be atypical of the venous sample especially with regards to the PO2 and SpO2 values.
If the arterial catheter is not necessary it should be removed slowly allowing time for the artery to contract and thus avoid bleeding post-removal which could be troublesome in small neonates and should be carefully observed for at least a few hours.
Answer Discussion :
sameh abdelaziz
technical error
3 years ago
fadi yaycili
Umbilical vessels anomaly
3 years ago
by mistake..can be error
3 years ago
Ravi Goyal
catheter could have been inseted into arterial opening ? technical error
3 years ago
Nishant Singh
send for blood gas and confirm its it's arterial then arteial only
3 years ago

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