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Posted On : 17 Sep 2020
US FDA does not recommend the use of antihistaminics below 2 years of age. So please guide me on how to manage URTI i.e. children having a stuffy nose, running nose, and cough.
Expert Answer :
Use saline nasal drops and paracetamol.
Answer Discussion :
abdirashiid kahin
support management like saline and paracetamo and drinking more fluid
Ravi Goyal
saline nasal drops locally, paracetamol sos, take care of hydration, explain danger signs
Geraldeline O'Sullivan
Saline nasal drops. Home remedies like honey are good for dry cough. And even though FDA recommends not to use anti H1, in my setup we use levocet syrup ( 2.5/5ml). If >6 months can give 2ml HS/ 1ml BD. Works quite well.
Ameer Ahmed
Intranasal corticosteroids
Give saline nasal drop and home remedies.

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