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Posted On : 19 Nov 2020
2 months old baby having conjugated S. bilirubin 7.7 more than 50% of total bilirubin, and having yellowish stool ruled out obstructive causes OR urinary Urobilinogen and stool sterco urobilinogen should be done to confirm neonatal hepatitis and ruling out obstructive causes when USG is normal?
Expert Answer :
How was obstructive cause ruled out? Was a liver biopsy done or a HIDA scan done? Neonatal cholestasis is an emergency and efforts should be done to rule out biliary atresia as soon as possible.
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prithvizzz prithviz
plz rule out genetic causes? dubin Johnson? rotar,
3 years ago
kemi ogunmoye
TORCH screen, bloods for haemolysis
3 years ago

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