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Posted On : 26 Nov 2020
A 12 years old boy came from an endemic area of malaria of Bihar with a history of two episodes of malaria in the past treated by chloroquine. He just came for routine examination only, on examination he is having just papable spleen only no lymphadenopathy, no hepatomegaly. His CBC, GBP, and PS for MP are normal. What we should do for his just palpable spleen, he is otherwise asymptomatic?
Expert Answer :
If the child is normal at present, his Hb is also normal then we do not need to do anything. Follow him up. This spleen can be due to an immune reaction to malaria, which may gradually become normal.
Answer Discussion :
Faisal Balla
no need for intervention
3 years ago
Mido Zido
follow up
3 years ago
pankaj bohra
Primaquine14 days ( r/o G6PD).
3 years ago
Dr prakash nagar
As he is from an endemic area with a history of Malaria twice, he might be a carrier and need to give artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT).
3 years ago
Ravi Goyal
primaquine for 14 days ( after ruling out G-6-PD deficiency), anti moquito measures.
3 years ago

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