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Posted On : 10 Dec 2020
There are different combinations of cough syrup present in the market, expectorant, allergic cough syrup, Codeine base syrup, etc. But most of the government hospital cough syrup is not supplied. I want to know cough syrup is of much use in children? Do they alter the course of cough?
Expert Answer :
Cough syrups are not recommended by FDA in children less than 2 years. In fact, cough suppressants should be avoided till 6 years of age.
Answer Discussion :
Ravi Goyal
not at all . Rather height of irrationality!
3 years ago
Bhaskar D
bronchodilaters help in asthmatics other than that cough syrups are not of much use.
3 years ago
Anita kumari
Yes they give symptomatic relief from cough
3 years ago
use only in cases of whooping cough and bronchospasm
3 years ago
JohnT.Sarboah, Jr.
I wouldn't recommend cough syrup for children
3 years ago

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