Diagnostic Dilemma

Skin TB with Vascular occlusion

A 3 years old girl presented with hyper pigmented macules over left inguinal region. She was diagnosed to have cutaneous TB on skin biopsy and was on anti TB therapy for past 1 year. A repeat skin biopsy showed vascular occlusion but no granulomas. She was advised to do Protein S, Factor V Leiden, antiphospholipid antibodies_?

Why did this child have vascular occlusion_?
Expert Opinion :
Erythema induratum of bazin or nodular vasculitis. Histology should show three of four of the following elements: 1} septal panniculitis` 2} fat necrosis` 3} small or large vessel vasculitis` and 4} granulomas.
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swan song
No idea
7 years ago
Abhay K Shah
Hyper coagulation state induced by mycobacterial products,which leads to activation of interleukin 6 and TNF
7 years ago

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