Diagnostic Dilemma

Granuloma – Is it TB_?

A 15 years old boy was diagnosed to have neurocysticercosis in June 2011. CT scan showed left parietal nodular lesion with mild perilesional edema with tiny scolex. A repeat MRI scan in July 2011 showed multiple confluent granulomas in left parietal region with considerable perilesional edema suggestive of tuberculomas. ESR was 110mm at end of 1 hour. He was only on carbamazepine for the focal convulsion. TB treatment had not been started. He presented after 4 months for further management.

What should be done now_?
Expert Opinion :
This child underwent a repeat MRI brain which was normal.
Answer Discussion :
arshath ahamed
anti tb
7 years ago
shanthi shanthi
Rule out HIV. Additional tests for Tuberculosis and CSF and serological tests for neurocysticercosis. MRI can help.
7 years ago

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