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Brushing is necessary to remove the sticky plaque / tartar (a transparent layer of bacteria that coats the teeth) that collects around the tooth surfaces.

And do you know what harm the plaque causes-

Well, plaque only leads to cavities ( those black holes on your teeth) which may cause you to have tooth pain and maybe even loss of teeth.

Then, you would have a completely new look the Toothless smile! Imagine, do you want to be like that?

How do you brush?
Ideally, brushing twice a day is recommended. Gently brush with a soft bristle toothbrush. Avoid brushing hard as it may cause the gums to recede and cause loss of teeth. To clean the outer surface of the upper and lower teeth, use circular strokes. To clean the inner surfaces and chewing surfaces, use back & forth strokes.

Normally brushing cleans only 3 out of 5 surfaces of your teeth. It does not remove the plaque and debris between your teeth. Hence,flossing (recommended in teenagers and adults) may be of additional aid. See the figure on how floss.

How regular eating habits help in teeth care?
Eating sugary food like candies, mint, gum is the major cause of tooth decay. Eating snacks in between the day may expose your teeth to acids leading to loss of enamel and tooth decay. Hence, it is advisable to eat sugary food along with a meal and avoid eating in between the meals. Also since it is not possible to brush our teeth every time after eating, at least rinsing your mouth after eating is beneficial.

That is the best way to ensure good health of your teeth and gums for many years,

Who knows, with your crowning smile, you may go on to win the "model of the year" award for the most photogenic smile!

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