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You want to hide and don't know what to do. You regret having that soda for lunch and swear never to have it again.

What is a fart?
Fart is the gas that you pass from your intestine through your anus.

Why do we fart?
When we eat, we also swallow air. Also, when the food gets digested in the intestines, gas is produced. These gases when passed out through the intestine form the anus into the air are called farts. The gases that make farts smell bad contain ammonia and hydrogen sulfide which are made in the intestine. And eating oily spicy food and drinking lots of soda makes you fart even more.

How do you prevent farts?
Everyone in this world will fart sometime or the other. It is absolutely normal. But to reduce the smelly farts, try avoiding fried, oily, spicy foods, onions and sodas.

"Fried foods and sodas I cannot part
And so I eat and so I fart"

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