K i d s   C o r n e r


What are stitches?
Stitches or sutures (pronounced as sew-chur) are threads that are used for sewing up the edge of the cut with the help of a needle (Imagine how the cobbler stitches the sole of your shoe with the rest of the shoe.)

These threads are very thin and strong and needle used is also very fine. The doctor shall give you an injection first to numb your skin and then stitch up the wound.

You will not even feel anything while your skin is being stitched up.

What is glue?
Sometimes, if the cut is small, your doctor may use a special type of glue so that the sides of the cut are held together and you don't need stitches.

Do the stitches hurt?
The stitches do not hurt. You may not even feel them.

When are the stitches removed?
Usually the stitches are removed in about a week or 10 days. The doctor will snip the thread with scissors and will gently pull apart the threads. Don't worry, you'll not feel a thing.

Will the marks of the stitches remain?
The marks will fade out over a period of time. However, they may still be there if seen very carefully.

"Stitches to me appear fine
But till they are not mine"

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