It is a disposable, single use, double lumen, latex catheter used for urinary drainage and in post operative patients. It is also used as a pack in severe epistaxis to prevent trickling of blood in larynx and trachea and also for foreign body removal.

It has a balloon with a capacity of 32 to 50 ml. which helps the catheter to remain as self retaining.While inserting the Foley's catheter, care has to be taken to prevent trauma to the urethra and to use proper hygienic methods to prevent cystitis.

It is available in various sizes. Always use a correct size of the tube. Larger tube may cause trauma, whereas smaller tube may cause leakage of urine from the side.

The Foley's catheter ideally must be replaced every week, but with proper cleanliness, it can be kept for three weeks. Here bladder wash with dilute KMNO4 and antibiotic wash every day may be required.

It is available in a presterile pack, sterilized by irradiation.
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