It is a polyvinyl, disposable tube, used for feeding sick infants. It comes in various sizes ranging from 5 to 9. It is passed into the stomach via the nostril just like a Ryle's tube. It is also used in treatment of volvulus in infants and for diagnosis of tracheo-esophageal fistula, duodenal atresia, choanal atresia and imperforate anus. It can be used to collect the gastric lavage for pus cells, meconium and for giving stomach wash.

It can be used as a urinary catheter for collection of urine, diagnosis of posterior urethral valve obstruction. In the NICU, it can be used for umbilical vein cannulation. In the intensive care unit, it is used for suction of the endotracheal tube in on intubated child. In an older child, it may be used for venesection.
In the neonate No.5 tube is used
Between 1-2 years No.7 tube is used
At 3 years No.9 tube is used

It is available in a pre-sterile pack, sterilized by irradiation.
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