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Anemia and Melena in an infant with Retrocardiac Posterior Mediastinal Mass - Can it be Esophago-gastric Duplication Cyst?
Aniruddha Ghosh, Arunaloke Bhattacharya, Jaydeep Choudhury, Apurba Ghosh.
Department of Pediatric Medicine, Institute of Child Health, Kolkata, India.
Foregut duplication cysts are rare entities seen as mediastinal masses. Gastrointestinal (GI) duplication cysts can occur anywhere along the whole GI tract. We present a 6 month old male infant who presented with severe pallor and Melena. Incidentally done chest X-ray showed an oval retrocardiac posterior mediastinal opacity which was better delineated by CECT of thorax and upper abdomen. Thoracoscopy and mini laparotomy was performed and the mass was diagnosed to be an esophago-gastric intramural duplication cyst with ulceration. Patient recovered well following surgery.

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