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Rahul Sinha, Vinod Sharma, Raghav Sharma, Kavita Pandey.
Department of Pediatrics, Military Hospital, Jodhpur, India.
Bone is a complex organ that is metabolically active, particularly in children. Normal metabolism is dependent upon the three main elements: matrix, mineral and cells that are integral components of bone. In addition there are several hormonal factors that also influence bone metabolism. Abnormalities in any of these components can give rise to metabolic bone disease. The manifestations of deficiency may vary from hypocalcemic seizures, tetany in infancy and adolescence to florid rickets in toddlers. Treatment is necessary for all individuals with deficiency whether symptomatic or not and consists of vitamin D supplementation as Stoss therapy or daily or weekly oral regimens with equal efficacy and safety, combined with calcium supplements. In this article we present three different cases of metabolic bone disease with varied features which the clinician should keep in mind while dealing with these cases. This case series adds a wide spectrum to the diagnosis and management of metabolic bone disease.

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