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Posted On : 03 May 2019
4 yr old female, with symmetrical growth retardation,born at term with birth weight of 700gms presented with hx. of refusal to feeds,facial palsy,rt. sided hx of fever,trauma. non consanguinous marriage,no abortions,two other sibs normal.labs=cbc normal except platelets are 8 lacs,renal ,liver functions normal,rbs was 230,ecg normal,cxr nl,mri showed old and new infarcts in brain.anthropometrcs=h.c is 33cm,weight is 4.5kg,length is 57 cm.
Expert Answer :
Rule out genetic disorders such as Russell silver syndrome. One will need to examine the child to comment further. The facial palsy and hemiplegia may be related to the infarcts.
Answer Discussion :
Av malformation of brain
5 years ago
a spastic diplegia secondary to ITP
5 years ago
shruti polke
5 years ago

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