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Posted On : 27 May 2019
What is the lower limit of Hb when a blood transfusion should be planned in an otherwise normal child and a sick child?
Expert Answer :
Level of Hb to Tx depends on the clinical situation. an acutely dropping Hb in a child with Intravascular Hemolysis in a G6PD deficiency pt requires Tx at higher levels of Hb as there is no time for cardiac compensation, In contrast, a child with Chronic IDA does not need Tx even if Hb is 4 gm, dl but if the same child has pneumonia he needs to be Tx at that level. In adults patients with Myocardial ischemia will be Txed to bring HCT More than 33 percent. Patients with cardiac hemolysis will require maintaining higher Hb so that the gradient across the valve is decreased and hence hemolysis is decreased. There is NO VALUE OF HB at which Transfusion is justified in individual situations it varies considerably.
Answer Discussion :
venkatesh b
Hb < 5 when normal , whereas in a sick child Hb<7 with unstable hemodynamics , BT should be planned.
5 years ago
subodh kumar
9 when heart disease
7 when normal

5 years ago
B priyanka
normal -<9, sick -<7
5 years ago
fayez farag
If unstable hemodynamics
5 years ago
Madhusudan Roy
Hb <7mg
5 years ago

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