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Posted On : 02 Jun 2019
Baby with blood group AB, mother blood group A. Can this cause jaundice to baby due to ABO incompatibility?
Expert Answer :
In this setup, the mother has `natural` Anti-B antibodies, but these antibodies are usually of IgM type which does not cross the placenta and hence in clinical practice, this set up does not cause any hemolysis and jaundice in the newborn period. If iso-immunisation due to blood group mismatch is strongly suspected in this setting, most probably it will be due to Minor blood group incompatibility Eg: `c` Antigen, etc.
Answer Discussion :
shaik saifuddin
Leas likely. Even if it does it will not be in phototherapy range
3 years ago
Miguel Carreon
Solo si la madre se encuentra inmunizada por contacto previo con antígeno B.
3 years ago
Very rare..
3 years ago
MuhammadT Rauf
yes it can be but severity remains in question
3 years ago
kyourk diemirjyan
yes its probable
3 years ago

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