Question :
Posted On : 20 Feb 2021
What will be the treatment for Pityriasis Alba?
Expert Answer :
Because the disease usually is self-limited and asymptomatic, medical therapy is often unnecessary. Pityriasis alba has no medical consequences, and the side effects of the medications may outweigh the cosmetic benefit of the intervention. The most commonly used remedies {eg, emollients, topical steroids, psoralen plus ultraviolet light A photochemotherapy {PUVA}} appear to have limited efficacy.
Answer Discussion :
Elizabeth Muchiri
can try emolients
8 Days ago
Elizabeth Muchiri
8 Days ago
Yishak A
No treatment
9 Days ago
ekesh chandra
10 Days ago
Asma Yaqub
no treatment . it go away its on
11 Days ago

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