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Posted On : 04 Mar 2021
Treating a hypothyroid patient facing a problem when we put him on 100 mcg Eltroxin his TSH falls down below 1 and his weight falls but when we reduce his dose to 75 mcg his TSH shoots above 30. How we should adjust his dose?
Expert Answer :
Ideally, we should put him on a 50 mcg tablet and give it as 1 and 1, 2 tablets rather than breaking the 100 mcg tablet.
Answer Discussion :
Carolee Masao
35mcg Qam and 35Qpm
6 months ago
Dr. Priyank Trivedi
start in midway Ex 87
6 months ago
jignesh patel
start on 87microgram
6 months ago
Judee Moreno
50mcg am and 50 mcg pm..kindly post the right answer. thanks.
6 months ago
Farhan Saleh
?????? thanks
6 months ago

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