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Posted On : 18 Mar 2021
How to monitor hypothyroidism patients after starting drugs by laboratory investigation. Patient after starting drug 6 months later, TSH normal, T3 normal, T4 slightly elevated. Patient of 10 years on 25 ug thyroxine. What should be action?
Expert Answer :
Juvenile hypothyroid patients once stable can be invested once in 6 months. Congenital hypothyroid patients need 2-3 monthly tests in infancy and 6 monthly after the first 3 years.
The patient must have done a test after taking the tablet. From the tests that you have provided keep giving the same dose.
Answer Discussion :
Dose may decrease to 12.5 ug of Thyroxine and follow up after 8 weeks with report
6 months ago
Deepanwita Ray
continue same dose and follow up
6 months ago
Ahmed Elwan
continue same dose with follow up
6 months ago
Ebtihal Khalid
continue with the same dose and follow him .
6 months ago
Asif Memon
Decrease dose of thyroxin
6 months ago

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