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Posted On : 19 Apr 2021
What are the causes of mild cough in infants of less than 6 months of age, how should we treat them?
Expert Answer :
It may be nasal congestion, bronchiolitis, pneumonia, or any other infection around the respiratory tract. No cough syrups should be given for mild cough. Paracetamol or saline nasal drops may be useful.
Answer Discussion :
Prachi Patwal

5 months ago
raviraj chavda
5 months ago
deka mohamed
Bronchiolitis, pneumonia, URTI
5 months ago
Abdulrahman Abanoor
Pneumonia. Allergic rhinitis. URTI.
5 months ago
Sarah Owusu Antwi
Upper respiratory tract infection. Nebulized saline drops
5 months ago

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