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Posted On : 01 May 2021
A 12 years boy came to me with a history of fever for 7 days. Her Widal report is as under - Salmonella `o` 1, 320, and salmonella `h` 1, 160. He had a similar attack of fever when his Widal test become positive 2-3 times in a year. Each time he is treated with inj ceftrixone and he gets relieved.
Is he getting recurrent typhoid or there is some other cause?
Expert Answer :
Widal test is a serological test. It is not a Gold standard test for diagnosis of Typhoid fever. Once the Widal test is positive, it remains positive for quite a long time for months. Please get a blood culture done if the now child gets a fever. Salmonella is a very culture-friendly organism.
Answer Discussion :
Shafqat Sayeed
anamnestic reaction .
4 months ago
Silver Yeibake
Blood culture as well as Microscopy and sensitivity test should be done first before any other treatment is administered
4 months ago
Ayesha Saleem
under treated/ partially treated typhoid. Moreover, he needs blood cultures this time.
4 months ago
Emmanuelle Batchanou
I think he should do a blood culture which has a high sensitivity for Salmonella
4 months ago
Kavya Goyal
false positive indicating other untreated infection
4 months ago

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