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Posted On : 27 May 2021
Two months old male, pertussoid cough sometimes associated with apnoec spells, having persistent tachycardia(200, min.) 2D echo lt. pul. artery branch stenosis and septal hypertrophy marked leukemoid reaction(WBC- 65000 ccm). Not responding to conventional treatment.
Expert Answer :
There could be several reasons for the tachycardia:
1. Is there some pericarditis: may be seen on ECG.
2. Heart rate variability is a sign of underlying infection: extreme heart rates are also some other evidence like leukemoid reaction also happens.
3. Inappropriate Sinus node tachycardia seems less likely.
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BraviousBundu Ndoko
3 years ago
p.sivaraman palaniswamy
3 years ago

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