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Posted On : 03 Jun 2021
A three-year-old female child complains of Pain Abdomen for 4 days only between 6 pm to 9 pm. Pain is quite severe after which she sleeps peacefully. No such pain throughout the day, the child is active playful, and takes food well. No previous relevant history. No previous medications except Homeopathic medicine for worms. Pain is diffuse, with no vomiting. Immunization as per schedule. Clinically no definite finding. What is the probable diagnosis?
Expert Answer :
Rule out renal and gallstone colic, gastritis, urine infection.
Answer Discussion :
Functional abdominal pain
3 months ago
Yun Ju Chen
Abdominal epilepsy
3 months ago
Mohamed Zaki
Abdominal epilepsy
3 months ago

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