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Posted On : 17 Jun 2021
What are the common causes for a groaning in newborns?
Expert Answer :
It may be related to pain in the body, or while passing urine or stool.
Answer Discussion :
Essam AL Zwaini
sever resp disorder of any type e.g. RDS , TTNP,
3 months ago
shanthi shanthi
the baby is establishing a breathing pattern. Other cause could be using the diaphragm for moving the intestine since the stomach muscles are weak. The increase in diaphragmatic pressure causes grunting and groaning.
3 months ago
essam abdelkader
3 months ago
?.??? ?????
Irregular breathing patterns. Newborns may grunt as they develop control over their breathing patterns.
Trapped mucus. Mucus can collect in a newborn's narrow nasal passages.
Dreaming. Grunting during sleep can indicate dreaming or a bowel movement.
Gastroesophageal reflux

3 months ago
Levon Tilbian
Congenital pneumonia (GBS) , vs , Neonatal sepsis.
3 months ago

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