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Posted On : 01 Jul 2021
How common is neuroblastoma in Indian children and what are the common presentation of this?
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I do not know the exact incidence but it is rare in Children, In our Pediatric Oncology unit at BJWHC we must be seeing approximately 6 to 8 neuroblastomas in a year.
The common manifestations are:
1. Lump in the abdomen, 2. HT, 3, Neurological involvement if there is infiltration into spinal canal Intrathoracic mass with rib erosion, opsoclonus, if there is BM involvement anemia, thrombocytopenia or thrombocytosis, rarely with massive hepatomegaly due to metastases to the liver.
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aliyu lamidi
A common features as a said in neuroblastoma in Indian is a common foilage of the skin and forelimb and misrep i.e a mesotamia is form.
2 years ago
Othman Mishref
Neuroblastoma (NB) is the most common intraabdominal and extracranial solid tumor in children, As per the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), it is about 2.4% to 7.5% of childhood malignancies.
It is usually presents as a mass arising in the neck, mediastinum, abdomen or pelvis. Paraspinal NB can cause neurologic manifestations or intractable watery diarrhea. Almost 2/3rd of primary tumors are located in the abdomen. It can metastasize to lymph nodes, bone marrow, cortical-bone, liver and skin.

3 years ago

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