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Posted On : 23 Apr 2021
My 2 and 3/4 yrs old daughter prefers to use her left hand to do her work. What should we do should we discourage her or let her do whatever she feels comfortable with?
Expert Answer :
Let her use whichever hand that she is comfortable with. Hand preference will be established by 7 years of age. Left-handed people have no other problems.
Answer Discussion :
Himat khan
should be used glove to left hand while she is working it the passage of time she well do every thing on right hand .
but one thing remember her writing habit cannot change with gloves therapy.

1 year ago
???? ????
let her do whatever she feels comfortable with
1 year ago
Abdussamad Hamisu Ahmad
Your daughter might be naturally left-hand, however always encourage her to eat with the right to avoid toilet infections.
1 year ago
Abas Abdulmued
Let her free. It doesn't have any problem
1 year ago
Agree with everyone saying to let her be L hand dominant, its a signs of creativity and intuition rather than any "stroke".
1 year ago

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