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Posted On : 27 Mar 2021
In the treatment of nephrotic syndrome if the child is also having tuberculosis should the treatment of both diseases should be started simultaneously?
Expert Answer :
In the face of overt infection, the nephrotic syndrome is unlikely to respond. Therefore I suggest treating the overt TB first and once this is under control, to begin treatment of NS but to continue for the full course of TB treatment.
Answer Discussion :
no tb first.then predni for nephrotic as early predni will increase immunosuppression.
3 years ago
saravanan pal
Can be treated after 5to 7 days of ATT
3 years ago
Benny Bennie
No. First the syndrome should be treated first
3 years ago
poorvi gupta
tb treatment 1st.
3 years ago
Hajra Ramzan
no ist stop the nephrotic treatment n start ATTs then after completing its course start nephrotic treatment from the beginning n complete 12 weeks
3 years ago

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