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Posted On : 08 Apr 2021
A 1-year child with rt. paracardiac pneumonia, not responding to ceftriaxone, amoxicillin-clavulanate, and Clarithromycin drugs. How to investigate him?
Expert Answer :
An x-ray would be required to have a look at it. Rule out TB. A BAL or HRCT chest may be useful.
Answer Discussion :
mohamed mustafa
Cbc, blood culture sensitivity, gastric aspirate for acid fast, gram stain, u sound chest and lat chest x ray for empyema
3 years ago
kadija nura
blood culture
3 years ago
Sanjay yadav
how is the child clinically? any distress or any findings
3 years ago
Armelle Gillett
culture either a bronchial secretion or blood. A blood culture would be good given the age and less invasive but if you could do a bronchial aspiration or even a lavage the secretion from that could also be used for a culture
3 years ago
Nora Mohammed salih
sputum culture
3 years ago

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