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Posted On : 28 Jan 2021
A 3 yrs old girl presented with dysentery with rectal prolapse ie blood and mucous in the stool for the last 10 days. Her stool report is as under mucous plus, blood plus no ova no cyst. Urine NAD, blood wnl. She is given syy oflox but did not respond. She is now put on inj Cefotaxime woth inj amikacin, tab ciplox What else can we do what complications we should look for since 10 days have passed?
Expert Answer :
She needs a colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy to differentiate infective vs inflammatory colitis.
Answer Discussion :
Yasmin Shebl
May be due to trichuris infection need albendazole.
Or due to zinc deficiency need zinc treatment
May be ambiasis need metronidazole

3 years ago
Ravi Goyal
zinc, metronidazole. look for nutrition, septicemia, encephalopathy, HUS
3 years ago
Anand kr.
intestinal worm infestation
3 years ago
iqtidar hussain
1. Bacterial stool c/s
2. ESR
3. Fecal calprotectin for IBD.
4. Blood c/s

?psudomembranous colitis, ?HUS

3 years ago
Bhaskar Thakur
c.dificile also look for spina bifida
3 years ago

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