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Posted On : 14 Jan 2021
Sir, How to investigate and follow a 2-year girl, with Microcephaly, No MR, No Organomegaly, No seizures, No rash, Otherwise normal except for Preterm, LBW (1.8 Kg) at birth?
Expert Answer :
Monitor milestones, head circumference, signs of early suture closure, and raised ICT.
Answer Discussion :
Rasha Abuleilah
MRI, then test for TORCH
3 years ago
You did not mention the OFC percentiles !!
3 years ago
musa silahli
if there is no neurological abnormalities, I think that there is a high probability of familial microcephaly.
3 years ago
Avi Shariv
Depends a lot on the z-score ( i.e. what's the SD ). put her on charts and see if she follows a specific percentile.
Preform a good physical and neurologic examination and ask yourself the following questions:
Had she ever had some sort of brain imaging ?
Is she developing well and acheiving her milestones ?
What's her other proportions ? height and weight
If not all is well I would refer her to pediatric neurologist. otherwise you might want to followup every few months - development and anthropometric measeures

3 years ago
n shashidharan
may be familial,undernutrition,or craneosynostenosis .
3 years ago

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