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Posted On : 07 Aug 2017
A 6 yrs female is having off and on pain in both knee and
elbow joints for last one year..ther is no history of fevr or rash.xray of joint are normal.haemogram pic is wnl.earlier pain used to suside after taking anti inflammatory but now pain persisit.she also had pain in abdomen.CAN WE LABLE IT AS JRA AND GIVE METHOTREXATE.
Expert Answer :
What is ESR, ASLO, ANA, DsDNA_? Are the joints more involved in morning or night_? Is there any swelling present_? Is there restriction of movement_? What about TM joint and cervical spine_? More detailed history is required. A thorough clinical examination would be needed before one can comment on Methotrexate as it is a drug that needs to be taken for a very long time. Get the child examined by a rheumatologist.
Answer Discussion :
is it recurrent abd pain .rash .FMF
4 years ago
fatima hashmi
yes .it can be labelled as Jia... methotrexate should b started
4 years ago
Jiji Christina
Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis need further investigation
4 years ago
Asia Ali
no complete
4 years ago
methaq ibrahim
No patients had no complete features of JRA
4 years ago

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