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Posted On : 17 Jul 2018
Does Continuous Aminophylline infusion helps in cases of sever Bronchiolitis.
Expert Answer :
At present there are not clear evidences suggesting the use of continuous Aminophylline infusion in the treatment of acute bronchiolite. Reports have concluded that Theophylline derivatives are effective in reducing the incidence of apnoeas and avoided the need for mechanical ventilation in this clinical situation {suggested use in neonate or infant at risk}.

Old studies suggested the use of Aminophylline to increase the diaphragmatic activity but the preliminary studies have not been still confirmed.

It is necessary to monitor strictly the cardiac side effects using Aminophylline. Increasing of cardiac rate could lead to cardiac failure in infants and small children.
Answer Discussion :
yared tadesse
no it does not
3 years ago
oumkalthom Habib Hiba
yes may be improve
3 years ago
Dr-Abdullah Khan
No rule
3 years ago
Asma Yaqub
No role
3 years ago
Jerald Eng
Not that I know of. Side effects not worth it.
3 years ago

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