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Posted On : 01 Nov 2015
how de i manage infants who present with cough , but are otherwise having no indications for any antibiotic . are cough remedies safe in infants . if so , what should be used and please let me know the dose
Expert Answer :
Cough in infants can have various causes. Cough associated with signs of involvement of respiratory system like respiratory distress, or wheeze, stridor etc, should be evaluated and the underlying cause treated. They could be due to bronchiolitis, pneumonia, upper respiratory tract involvement, hyperreactive airways.

If cough is noninfectious, then it is most commonly due to postnasal discharge. Nasal decongestants may help.

Cough syrups are available for various types of cough, wet or dry. Their efficacy has not been proven, they may even have some side-effects. Their use in children less than 4 years of age has been questioned. They should be used prudently with caution. They only provide symptomatic relief.
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