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Posted On : 8/27/2017 12:00:19 AM
if free t3and free t4 are WNL and TSH is more than 10 in that condtion can thyroxin be started_?
Expert Answer :
No, if Free T3 and Free T4 are normal, one need not give thyroxine. Just monitor, Thryoid function tests after 3 months.
Answer Discussion :
yes. thyroxin should be started and FT3 AND FT4 recheked for the TSH response.
21 Days ago
Ghasem Mosavat
Yes..subclinical hypothyroidism
21 Days ago
Ahmad Salim
yes. it looks like thyroid is not responding to TSH stimulus. we should start a maintenance low dose to avoid myxedema coma.
22 Days ago
mohammed mohiey
wait and repeat after one week if still or higher start thyroxine
22 Days ago
yes he has sub clinical hypothyroidism
22 Days ago

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