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Posted On : 31 Aug 2011
What is role of Methylprednisolone in the treatment of RDS due to H1N1 in fection_? If it is indicated then what is the dose, duration and the side effects and dangers due to its use_?
Expert Answer :
As per WHO guidelines, Corticosteroids should not be used routinely to treat patients with the new influenza A {H1N1}. Low doses of corticosteroids may be considered for patients in septic shock who require vasopressors and have suspected adrenal insufficiency. Prolonged use of or highdose corticosteroids can result in serious adverse events in influenza virus-infected patients, including opportunistic infection and possibly prolonged viral replication.
Answer Discussion :
brajesh jha
no role of the drug
10 years ago
Methyl pred is not used due to Side effects.It is a long acting steroid so can affect growth,eyes , BP
10 years ago
P Venkatesh
not indicated
10 years ago

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