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Left eye problem

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Spot diagnosis

What is the diagnosis?

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Glaucoma. Glaucoma is characterized by elevated intraocular pressure {IOP}. Increased IOP leads to optic nerve damage and consequent visual loss. Peripheral vision loss occurs first, but if glaucoma is untreated, central vision loss and complete blindness can occur. Pediatric glaucoma is classified into primary and secondary types. Childhood glaucoma is associated with physical changes in the eye that are caused by the high pressure. Enlargement of the eye, cloudiness of the cornea, and injury to the optic nerve are examples of changes that can occur as a result of glaucoma. Abnormal fluid drainage from the eye is the result of a blocked or defective trabecular meshwork drainage system. Surgical procedures that are used to help control eye pressure include goniosurgery, filtration surgery, glaucoma implant surgery, and laser surgery.

Correct Answers : yes  12%

Last Shown : May 2010
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